Facebook subscribe to Website


facebook website subscribe


Facebook is about to offer a new feature beyond its circle. ie till now facebook updates updations from inside facebook, even this also is an update intimation with in facebook it got more wide connectivity. the story goes like this

Here websites can offer subscribe button on its pages where when some one ( of course facebook user) clicks and subscribed, they will get intimation from inside facebook wheneven some stories added to facebook with the sites address.,

This sounds simple just as liking a link of a facebook page, once liked it ll intimate all updates with in the page , same way now the facebook page is replaced with any other website. Here thigs may odd are

1. Not all contents of the websites are abot to inform

ie. intimations are with respect to updations made on facebook with the site URL. ie if an update on the website is not informed to facebook it is not going to intimate users., ie updates on facebook only going to give intimations

2. the sites need to be approved by facebook ( not officially announced , yet)