how to invite people to google + from your google plus account

Once you stepped in , you may invite as many of your friends to google+ with a little steps

first signin to your google+ account, and click on your user name on right top



on the right of your circle feed there is a direct option to invite friends in to google+ and there by to your circles look below


On the popup dialog enter your friends email to be invited, you may add more than 1 one email address on this screen, or copy paste a list of email addresses in multipple lines, at the time of invitation itself we can add them to circles, like below



even we can add a new circle with the create new link this will prompt like this


name the circle and press create


Confirmation screen will be like this


google plus mobile


Access Google Plus Account From any Mobile Browser


Now a days mobile web is occupuing a significant roll in the internet and major segment of mobile web users consume social networks


social engines are consumed mainly in ones off-time and this offtime mainly involved through mobile devices. Case id not different in case of google plus.

but this time google sent a link from its SMS sending screen doesn’t lead us to the direct site, after a detailed googling i found the link to mobile google plus, actually it was a technical mis leading from google

The working link is here

My screenshots here

google plus mobile


google plus mobile1


to access google plus on mobile point your mobile browser to


being a mobile site this is almost device independant, i tried it on nokia e63,Nokia N73, E2,blackberry curve  all worked well, share your experience in comments