Know Website Reputations right from your browsers


In this internet era the very first thing while visiting a website is to know how reliable the sites content and how secure we are with in that websites. a wide variety of services are available in the market and almost all can deliver maximum through put with in their domains, but when time matters it will be viable if we can plot the status at the moment we enter the sites

Earlier when IE was ruling the ground, toolbars are plenty for IE, including alexa , yahoo , google etc… but when others entered in to the scenario toolbars get reformed to Addons and almost all these addons are browser specific., so we need to pick these typica for each browsers

Lets start with Chrome

Chrome offers mainly two addons for getting site rank statstics

1. PageRank by Hrishikesh Kale | Download

2. PageRank Status by | Download

Out of these 2 my favourite is the latter as it offers more to just page rank, see screenshot


This single Exten offers Alexa,google page ranks and Geo Location with city and a wide set of web statistics as listed. and according to my experience this is enough for a first look and if you need to go further try Woorak extension here

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox got an extension named Web RankToolbar which offers, google,alexa,complete and googl back links, bing back links and yahoo back links plus a lot more

Internet Explorer

For Status install google toolbar, yahoo tool bar and alexa tool bar

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