Meego Wireless(wifi) Configuration

After 3 days searching, my Wifi issue resolved for Meego on Dell Mini

Dell inspiron Mini uses TL8188CE driver. Unfortunately, this is not included in any linux version

It can be downloaded from hotfile :

Link: http://download.wireless-driver.com/driver/Realtek/RTL8192CE-VA4/rtl8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010.tar.gz

Now We need to Compile the Drivers for this need the basic development tools at least for that. Should be able to install them as so (Meego 1.1 apparently uses zypper for command line package management, while 1.0 used yum.)

]#sudo zypper install pattern:development-tools
]#sudo zypper install rpmdevtools kernel-netbook-devel


Now Uncompress the file to folderrtl8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010

Goto command line

[abi@abi-desktop ~]$ su

[root@abi-desktop abi]# cd Documents/rtl8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010/

[root@abi-desktop rtl8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010]# make

[abi@abi-desktop ~]$ su


[root@abi-desktop abi]# cd Documents/rtl8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010/
[root@abi-desktop rtl8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010]# make

[root@abi-desktop rtl8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010]# make install

Now Reboot the System , Wifi will start working

thanks to Linuxquestions.org

My discussion thread on LQ:http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-laptop-and-netbook-25/dell-mini-with-meego-wireless-not-working-851320/#post4199156

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14 thoughts on “Meego Wireless(wifi) Configuration”

  1. how to enable ad-hoc support , i tried the following

    user# iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc
    Error for wireless request “Set Mode” (8B06):
    SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported.
    MeeGo netbook can connect to a accesspoint but not able create an accesspoint or ad-hoc

  2. thanks but it dowsnt work for me and i have tried twice… when it starts installing kernel-netbook-devel it shows an error but continues as if nothin has happened..

  3. i follow all the steps but it doesnt work for me… and when it installs kernel-netbook-devel it shows an error in the console but continues as if nothing has happened…

  4. Hi! i have the same problem but I cannot fix it because i dont understand what you have to put in the terminal once you download the file… (sorry for my bad english).

    Thank you!

    1. sorry that post was bit overlapped in Console commands, i edited it , plz follow all steps as its order in post , your Wifi will be enabled after, ask me if any more help needed

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