Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 Top ranked browsers and its key features


Opera turned to be the everbest browser among mobile devices. see the statistics


Here leftmost Redbar is for opera, iphone , Nokia and Android is the immediate competors. ( courtesy : statcounter), and ofcourse this is a worldwide trend.

The reason behind this immense popularity is nothing but its cross platform compatibility and its uniform nature in all platforms. and in my experiece its continuosly delivering features with each releases. This time opera mini 6.1 comes with a lot functional and appearance enhancements never before.

before looking deep into opera mini, there is one more application alongside, Opera mobile. , this is somewhat same as opera mini. the difference between the two is where the pages get initially downloaded., ( both uses Presto browser engine)

Opera mini uses opera mini server to download the site and to translate it for the client device. it costs less for the client device to get a mobile friendly version with this browser and for sure the application weights less as major functionality resides in a remote server.One more advantage here is server side updations will advantage the user with out a single click

Opera mobile function as a self existing browser in all sense. this acts exactly as a desktop browser , transalates all pages as its own duty, the client server communication is not present here., This version is opted by handset manufactures for pre installing the browser with their devices

this version is available only for Nokia, Android and Windows mobile

Features ( same for both )

1. Speed dial

Just like google chrome it got a speed dial screen to access favourite websites with a single click

opera speed dial

adding to speed dial is simple, click on any Free + button for detailed option to add




Adding bookmarks and accessing those bookmarked items get simplified


3. Finding a text insife a website

Finding text inside a webpage is implemented with in the main menu like below


4. Selecting , Copying and searching with a webpage content

First point the cursor where you want and hold the select button, now a start option will appear asking you to press start


then using left or right arrow with in your keyboard we can select text in between


now press the use button for options behind selected text


with the popped up theree options we can either

copy the text to system clipboard

search the text with various web services like below


or search with google with the third option

4. Sharing with Webservices

A direct option is integrated for sharing in facebook,twitter , My opera and email see the screen