how to use php list to send RSS/Feed items

  PHPLIST , can be used to confugure mailing list to any number of subscribers right from your blog. this will bring immense traffic from the very moment you post your article. Even if the steps are not so straight , with a few steps we can bring our phplist to work for RSS. First … Continue reading how to use php list to send RSS/Feed items

Configure Bounce Mails on PhpList

Edit /config/config.php   Before doing this Create an Email address to get mounce messages. Say¬† give a fair password and start Editing this file. What We are going to do here is setting Envelop address for all mails as this¬† Then Whenever these mails get bounced it ll fall in to this INBOX and We … Continue reading Configure Bounce Mails on PhpList

PHPList Enable Delivery Reports

PHPList by default doent supports Email Delivery / Clicks report. This is urgent in case of bulk mails. and here is the steps to Enable statistics on PHP List Go to your PHP LIst Home directory Edit ./config/config.php go to this section # Click tracking # If you set this to 1, all links in … Continue reading PHPList Enable Delivery Reports