create more twitter accounts with single email

twitter irresistibly need a single email against each twitter account., and of-course twitter will verify this addresses. for those who need more twitter accounts and to get all update s on single inbox there is a simple technique,

method is simple, its well known as email alias, what you need here is an email on any service which supports email alias

for detail ing I am taking gmail as email provider.

suppose is the  email

create your first twitter account with this address itself

now next account can be created with another email
verification email will reach the same inbox of myemail@gmail. com

here “.” will be ignored by gmail not by twitter. this is called email alias. thia way we can create as many addresses by placing dot (.) any where in between email name part.

nb: same way accounts on any services which accepts dot (.) can be created in plenty using gmail

Facebook , Twitter , Google plus Graphics Image Sizes


For Better Results our social media pages should be of the defined sizes from what the engineers decide , here is a list of images and recommended size for you to refer

Facebook Fan Page & Profile

Cover Graphics : 851 X 315 Pixels

Profile Picture : 200 X 200 Pixels

App Image : 114 X 74 Pixels

Status Update Image : 843 X 403 Pixels


Cover Image : 900 X 180 Pixels

Profile Image : 250 X250 pixels

Post Image : 259 Pixels Wide


Background : 1280 X 1024 Pixels

Profile Image 128 X128 Pixels

Free twitter from Airtel

Now airtel customers can enjoy twitter for free on their airtel mobiles till 1st March 2012
This is a first-of-its-kind initiative in India which allows customers to enjoy free access to Twitter through mobile browsers by visiting

and enjoy posting Tweets, keeping up with what’s happening in the world, and finding and following friends, celebrities, news and more.Whats more even without activating GPRS, customers can sign up for Twitter or subscribe to SMS updates of specific users (via shortcode 53000) on their mobile phones for free.

how to use

Go to from your mobile browser

and enjoy free browsing till the promo period ends.

You can also SMS NOW to 53000 to receive the link on your mobile.

Echofon Twitter client for Windows


Echofon is a self functioning twitter client for windows Xp and Newer. the software weigh about 12 MB in total and installing and launching is simple and took only 2 minutes for me.

unlike seesmic and tweetdeck it doesnt need adobe air to function

After first RUN it caught attention in many features from time line to search, it got icons on top for Home,Mentions,Messages,Lists and Search, switching between these tabs hardly took 1 second to load the full list


Time line includes quick icons for Re Tweet and Favourite , and both these things works pretty faster


the software function exceptionally fast but lacks in account swith shortcut and find with in home screen.

Key board  shortcuts

Refresh  = Ctrl + R

Insert Image = ctrl + I



keep informed when some one Unfriend me from Facebook or unfollow in twitter



Facebook will never intimate you when one of your friend remove you from his/her friends list. , but here is an application that inform you when ever such action take place

The Login behind is simple, After we authenticate this application in facebook and twitter. , the application will take list of friends/followers in a daily basis and cross check on a daily basic with yesterdays list and sends us the difference when ever some difference occur

The application link ( Twenty feet ) .

Add services as desired ( twitter and facebook ) and follow on screen instructions

and keep informed

Advertise on twitter



twitter said it ll start ads called promoted tweets in timeline of users who follow a company or organization. and i think it ll be limited to those who follows a company or brand, this way twitter ensure important ads only to end readers

this is on behalf of increase in advertisements on last year

ads will appear as “Promoted Tweets” in accounts that a user follows “at or near the top” of their timeline, or stream of messages, when a user logs in.

Twitter Shortcuts

f : favorite
r : reply
t : retweet
m : direct message
n : new Tweet
enter : toggle details pane
? : this menu
j : next Tweet
k : previous Tweet
space : page down
/ : search
. : refresh Tweets and back to top
g h : home
g r : replies / mentions
g p : profile
g f : favorites
g m : messages
g u : go to user

Add Tweet This button (tweetme) to Your Website



To Share a page on your website with twitter add a Tweet button to the HTML code of the Page

The code is as follows

<a href=”” class=”twitter-share-button” data-count=”vertical”>Tweet</a><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

More styles from

Facebook Twitter the web war

Finally two finalists 1.Twitter  and facebook , all the others follow them on their ways  is there with name only ,

the two sites survived not with the convensional social networking idea, the way they establish, the way way they spread , the way they served , and the way they surprised… the clubbed result is todays fb and twitter.

Facebook from the early 2000s is weakly established in countries like india …its started as a univerisity scope then to corporates and now to all above 13 round the world with immense growth., fb was actually not the first social network on the web, before fb  there was many of the same kind. but all of them not serously make research for a long term existance, all of them follo the same techniques and trying to make adicts over theri sites(excactly sites) all of them and their service is limited to their websites and they are apring time to improve their sites and its features

Here the leaders turned into the core level updates., they realized the number of technitians who can contribute to their sites. importance of n number of interfaces to social networks, importance of rapid data irrespective of which way they came

they opened API(Application Programming Interface)with which one can make facebook or twitter webpages if that skilled

this is a wide area and cant be expaned here that level

with the widespread popularity of fb twitter slowly appears in the later half of 2007!

that was a war with concepts. the thread lays where all in fb or similarsites got more hits with their updations, ie if one is not updating regularly he/she ll will out focused, and ofcourse blogger like service need writing and publishing skills

people who dont have friends circle in great diameters and have something to say cant do anything over fb., here played twitter from the word itself it carry a difference (its bit sweeter) and it brings the concept of tweets

Tweets are msgs with max. 140 in length, with @ , DM , RT, #  like convensions built in

Tweets fired in a higher frequency like bullets ( aganist fb) and gradually twitter turned to the word of 2009, is not a small thing.

Twitters api is differ from all others (REST) and no of clients in twitter leads before all the predessors

and applications are plenty in the web for twitter

The popularity of twitter make fb to think on the track and started facebook lite and stopped intermediate

almost all sites follow the Twitter status Update in one way or other but finnaly status remains the same TWITTER

in brief fb now follow update to twitter from fb

Popularity wise we cant say fb > twitter or twitter > fb both carry different roles , but when mobility comes web interface lags far behind client apps. apps cannot expose facebook as the features are plenty there but case is different for twitter it had a feature easy to implement( even itz search is not so brilliant). , growth of fb and twitter is also  cannot evalute bcz fb aged 10 and twitter only 4

The Crossplatform Twitter Client , Windows,Linux, Mac on Adobe Air

This was really amazing, tweetdeck , the main attraction lays where its runs on both linux and windows , and as a stable adobe air application it s perfectly justify its columns to twitter.

The 4 columns by default is well planned to view all we need from twitter and all the 4 columns are customizable according to our needs ,

ie. if we need one column to display search for linux we can make it so

lot more features built in

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