ubuntu 11.10


ubuntu 11.1






¬†Ubuntu 11.1 a better bet but…

Always ubuntu surprised its users with new enhancements in each release. 11.10 is also not disappointing , it got lot new features from 11.04 and is loading much fater then all previous versions

Ubuntu 11.1 resembles its earlier version netbook editions and thtz why i thing its loading this faster, it got an application bar on left , like that of windows 7 , this inturn is used as task bar when applications opened, application grouping also incorporated here with in icons

In case of desktop users , all these may bring more, but ubuntu have to work on user interface to attract those who stil love windows.









  • The boot time with Ubuntu is quicker than Win
  • hardware configuration is almost automatic
  • no need of extra drivers
  • Open office replaces MS Office ( save money)
  • Gimp in place of Photoshop!
  • Security is the main highlight, Ubunti is more secure than Windows for no doubt


  • No IDE present like VB and .NET
  • No good RDBMS to fight against with SQL Server
  • No DVD Compatibility by default, we need to install vlc player like software to run DVD
  • No mp3 support, again need for VLC or XMMS


ubuntu 11.1


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