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What Google Is Looking For In Sites – Quality And Relevancy, Not Sheer Numbers



In this part of the WSO, I’m going to be talking about the structure of my sites and why I create them the way I do. 4 words to live by. On target search results. That’s what Google is all about. If your content site has the most relevant content for that keyword or keywords you are targeting, Google wants to rank you, all things being equal.

For any piece of content I create to target a specific keyword, I want that content to be the most relevant, up to date information available. It should answer the question or solve the problem or fulfill your visitors information requirements. Does that mean you have to spend $50 per article to get master pieces? Absolutely not. My content is good, relevant content that delivers on the keyword.
Would these articles be published in magazines? Most likely not. Are they readable and informative? Absolutely!

There’s talk that you should not create content that answers your visitors questions in full. Meaning, write articles that engage but don’t fully explain or answer the question your visitor to your site is looking for in hopes they click on your affiliate link/Adsense block instead to find the answer.
I don’t agree with that. The more I learn from a site, the more I trust the site and the more I want to buy what they are selling or promoting. (I’ll get into creating content shortly, I’m getting ahead of myself here.)

You don’t need to create sites that are 100+ pages to be considered an authority in Google’s eyes. When you target a small sub section of a niche in a compact way with relevant good quality content, you’re a winner in Google’s eyes. You only have to look at some of the things that have happened in the recent Google algorithm changes. Sites like Ehow, and big content sites have
dropped dramatically in rankings.

Even the big content sites that are more targeted to their niches or even just the one niche, they too have dropped in the rankings. It’s all about relevancy. (With affiliate sites, especially sites that I promote Clickbank products with, I sometimes go up to 25 pages and still call that a mini authority site. It’s when I combine keyword sets, that’s when I call a site an authority site, but everyone has their own definitions. Authority sites are now an integral part of my business and I explain why later.) That’s what I want to talk about in this section. My method of creating my content sites and why I create them the way I do.
Over the years I’ve created content sites ranging from 4 to 5 pages all the way up to 200 pages and everything in between. I’m talking about hundreds of sites here in dozens of niches.

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